What Makes a Great Corporate Recruiter in 2014?

Hiring the right staff can make or break your company’s success. As an overwhelmed hiring manager, chances are you do not take the time to properly seek out each candidate. That does not make you a bad manager; it means it is time to work with a corporate recruiter.

To help make things easier for both the manager and the corporate recruiter, there are several ways to go about the hiring process. With today’s technology communication sits at the click of a button.

When hiring a recruiter, look for traits. Let us touch on some of the key-points behind what makes a great corporate recruiter and how it affects your performance as a hiring manager.

More Productivity in Hiring Managers

A proficient corporate recruiter will take some of the burden of a hiring manger’s workload, in turn, creating a more productive manager. The right recruiter will produce the following actions:

  • Eliminate high turnover rates
  • Find career seekers with potential rather than those seeking a “job”
  • Help find the best talent to match the job description

An excellent corporate recruiter knows the diligent tasks that are required to make a business run smoothly. Those movements start with the staff.

Think of your company as a machine and the staff as oil. If the machine does not have oil, or the correct type of oil, the machine will not run properly. In fact, it may breakdown all together and need to be replaced. You do not want to be the machine that breaks down, right? Likewise, you want your company to succeed and profit so you can be promoted, and so should your recruiter.

Benefits of Hiring a Corporate Recruiter

Aside from taking away from some of your stress as a manager, a recruiter is there to do just that; recruit. They effortlessly seek the best of the best each day and match those applicants to companies who are in need of the applicant’s skills. A great recruiter will focus on the quality of the match and ensure the potential employee is the well suited for the job.

A recruiter uses many forms of today’s modern day technology to help seek out the best set of skills based on the job description given. With websites such as Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter, networking is very easy, one would think. However the benefit of hiring a corporate recruiter is their advance on today’s technology; something not all hiring mangers have to time use or learn.

To be exact, one form of tech that is constantly evolving over the past several years, is the Applicant Tracking System, which aids in the data management of an applicant pool. This makes for an easy process for recruiters and hiring managers when it is time to review resumes. A professional recruiter does not skim social media posts all day; they utilize recruitment software via the latest technology.