Internet Marketing Expectations in 2014 – Lessons and Realities for Success in the New Year

Happy New Year guys! 2013 was an awesome year for Internet marketers and bloggers. Lots of dreams were fulfilled, lots of expectations were met, and lots of progress was made.

On the flip side, many were disappointed, many hopes were dashed, and much business failed. While some won, others lost! It’s the fact of life right? Yes, it is but life goes on even in Internet marketing. Here are lessons and realities of Internet marketing for 2014 success.

Learning from Internet marketing lessons of 2013 to succeed in 2014

We are now in the New Year – 2014 – and are set to go forth with new goals and plans. For many who want to make money online, the New Year presents another opportunity to do so. However, to make the most of the New Year, it’s essential to learn from the lessons of 2013.

Yes, we can learn from the lessons of 2013 by avoiding those actions or inactions that made some businesses fail in 2013, and embracing those actions or inaction that made some businesses succeed in 2013. The good news is that there is so much to learn from many bloggers and Internet marketers if we just take time to browse and access information on their experiences for 2013.

Specific Areas of Online marketing to Consider in 2014 online success

In the areas of content marketing, video marketing, social media marketing, blogging, Search engine optimization (SEO), link building, mobile marketing, affiliate marketing, freelance writing, etc, a lot of lessons are learned. 2013 has seen lots of ideas, innovations, strategies, tools, and recommendations in how online marketers and bloggers carried out their businesses. What happened in these areas should be considered as we start running with make money online ideas in 2014.

Focus of Internet Marketing efforts in 2014

The customer, reader, or subscriber should be our focal point to make money online in 2014. Whatever tool, strategy, or idea is developed or employed to make money online or achieve a successful online business in 2014, it is important to keep the customer at the heart of things. This should be done by ensuring that value in the service or product is offered to the customer.

As an Internet marketer, effective content marketing in blogging and social media should be emphasized so that “value’ is easily shared and you get rewarded easily by it. The best of blogs and websites that would offer great value for marketers in 2014 would easily get traffic, leads, and sales!

Embracing Google Updates and Webmaster’s tool guidelines for Success in 2014

To succeed in 2014 in the online sphere, we should not forget nor ignore Google updates. In the last couple of months, Penguins, Panda, and Hummingbird updates have changed the way contents and links are shared online. We get to see fresh updates periodically and these affects rankings in the Search Engines Page Ranks (SERPs) of Google.

Therefore, online success in 2014 must comply with the guidelines of the Google Webmaster’s tool that talked much about good optimization to meet the needs of the search engines. Luckily, there are many helpful articles, tips, tricks, and blogs that can be accessed to learn more about effective SEO which complies with Google’s algorithms’ updates.

So, welcome to 2014, a year of improved content marketing and value added social marketing for online success. Expectations should be high from this first day – January 1st – but it is clarity of goals, commitment in quality plans, and character in discipline that would deliver the best results for marketers in 2014. I am wishing all bloggers and Internet marketers to another year of successful blogging to make money online. Welcome to 2014!

Why Many Recruitment Companies Will Miss Out On Recruitment Growth in 2014

If you have been reading all the latest recruitment industry and national press you will know that the economy is on the upturn. In fact, the recruitment sector is predicated to have its best year in 2014.

Pricewaterhousecoopers, in a recent survey reported that over 1200 CEO’s identified that recruiting key talent was a number one priority for their own business growth.

In theory then all is looking good and perhaps the challenging times of the last few years are over? Unfortunately not so. With growth comes competition and a need to become ‘distinctive’ in your own recruitment sector. To become the recruitment company of choice for candidates, clients and new employees a mindset shift will have to take place. Your company profile may need to change to stand out and a key driver for this will be your people and the culture you develop within your recruitment organisation.

Here in lies the challenge. Why? Because most recruitment organisations don’t realise this. Historically you only need to carry out some research on what company’s do that excel in a buoyant market. In fact look at the Sunday Times top 100 companies for the last couple of years and you will notice a number of recruitment companies. A significant percentage cites staff development as a key reason for their growth.

Where can you start and what do you need to pay attention to in 2014. Here are my top 5 that I predict will give you your biggest return.

1. Think big and have a vision

The truth is few people think big and surprisingly many companies don’t have a defined vision of where they want to go. I will apologise to Mac users in advance and many moons ago Bill Gates had a vision of a computer in every home. At the time people thought he was crazy and now many homes in the Western world have at least one computer; in the last year Dell one of a number of computer hardware suppliers made 13 billion dollars in just one year. Setting a vision works. Make sure your recruitment company has one so your people know where they are going and have something to aim for.

2. Company culture is a key part of your brand

I am a great advocate of marketing as a way to bring in clients candidates and talent. Your ‘brand’ needs to stand out amongst all the others out there and many people miss the connection that your employees and the culture within your organisation are also a key part of your brand.

Create the right culture (and communicate it) through developing your team and growth is almost guaranteed.

3. Candidate engagement

The current buzzword flying around LinkedIn and various recruiting blogs. Engaging clients through marketing and social media is key and then what? At some point candidates are going to speak to a real person.

If your recruitment consultants don’t know what to say to engage and influence you are in trouble. Having a desperate air and ‘bull in a china shop’ communication strategy won’t work. So train your staff what will work and watch what happens.

4. Develop your staff- consultants and leaders

A nice lead on from number 3. The last few years have seen many recruiters relying on their current skills or just working longer hours to generate the billings they want. Hard work is all well and good; however imagine the uplift in billings your team will produce with some honing of skills? One of the key ‘gripes’ employees have is that they don’t get ‘developed’ or that there isn’t a system for improvement.

Development is an investment not a cost. Many recruitment training organisations will even guarantee the increases you can expect in revenue.

5. Attract talent

Businesses grow through the right business strategy delivered by the best people. Read that again please! You can’t do it on your own. If you ‘try’ and do that you will put yourself in an early grave.

So recruit great people and develop them. If you are taking action on number 1-4 talent will want to work with you I guarantee it.

There you have it 5 key areas of focus for you to reflect over the next few weeks if you are serious about making 2014 spectacular.

Mazda Australia Keeps On Breaking Records

When choosing a new car, there is a wide range of choice. However, the Mazda Australia figures, show that a great number of people have great confidence in this Japanese brand. Mazda has been a popular brand in Australia for many years and from the utility vehicles through to family hatchbacks, deluxe saloons through to super minis, the Mazda range has a car to suit all requirements and tastes.

Recent figures have shown that for the second year running, Mazda Australia has sold over 100,000 new vehicles. These figures confirm Mazda’s place as one of the top three brands in the Australian car market. According to the FACTS figures, Mazda now dominates almost a ten percent market share with 103,144 new vehicles sold for 2013. These figures include utilities, cars and SUVs, which seats Mazda as the third popular brand in the country and the leading importer of a full line of vehicles.

The figures are bolstered by the Mazda 3. This is one of highest cars in demand for Mazda Australia. Annual sales for 2013 were over 42,000 vehicles. This included an astonishing figure of 4,022 Mazda 3’s sold in December 2013. This provided a great boost to the sales figures as many car enthusiasts sought out an advantageous deal before the launch of the new design Mazda 3 in early 2014.

The Mazda titles don’t stop there. The figures show that the Mazda 2 is the favourite light car for Australia. This is the second time in three years that Mazda has taken this title. The figures for 2013 show that over 15,000 Mazda 2’s were sold through Mazda Australia.

However, Mazda is not just thought of as a hatchback manufacturer. The CX-5 managed to set a number of sales records for the 2013 sales period. Although the 2012 figures were very favourable at 15,861 vehicles sold, the 2013 figures have shown a huge improvement of twenty seven percent increase at over 20,000 CX-5’s sold. This made the CX-5 Australia’s favorite SUV.

Mazda Australia also managed to improve supply and boost sales of the BT-50. The BT-50 had an all time sales record high of 13,702 vehicles sold in 2013. This eclipsed the previous sales record by almost two thousand vehicles or sixteen percent.

With the recent award winning trend at the Australia’s Best Cars and Drive Car of the Year, the Mazda 6 has also had its best sales year since the last high in 2008. 7,701 Mazda 6’s were sold in 2013, which represents a thirty percent sales increase since 2011. This is thought to be due to the launch of the new look Mazda 6 which hit the show rooms in late 2012. The Mazda 6 has easily achieved the crown for Australia’s top selling mid sized import, outselling its nearest rival by almost 4,500 vehicles.

The company are understandably happy with the 2013 sales performance. According to managing director of Mazda Australia, Martin Benders, the company is very grateful for the support Mazda receives from the Australian public. 2013 is the second year, the company sold in excess of 100,000 new vehicles and they anticipate that the new developments for SKY ACTIV technology in the Mazda 3 will provide a “strong start” for sales in 2014.

Q and A With Amaka Imani Nkosazana

1. Ma’am please introduce yourself?

Amaka Imani Nkosazana, Author of Sweet Destiny and Release The Ink by Bernadette Watkins

2. Why do you write?

I write because it gives me the ability to express myself to the world. Often times, I share information that inspires myself and others. It might be about life in general or something specific. I write because people need to read positive uplifting stories. There is so much negativity in the world. We need to be able to read something good every once in a while.

3. What inspires you?

I am inspired by God. I am also inspired by like-minded individuals who share words of wisdom.

4. There are billions of women living in the world today, what are the selling points that distinguishes you from this great number?

Well, I write fiction and poetry. I would say what distinguishes me from other authors is my ability to interpret exactly what the reader would enjoy. For example, when I write, I know how to perceive the next best information to share. Also, I am reliable, honest, and capable of doing the necessary research to engage the readers. I have the capacity to reach many people through the information that I share by focusing on the characters in the story and being specific. When I write, I do so from the heart. And, my poetry is designed to inspire others. I feel that I am distinguished from others by the passion that put into my works.

5. As a teacher and lover of children how do you think we can create a better world and what are you doing to make this happen?

I think we can create a better world by enhancing the minds of the children to change the world. Children need positive role models. There are so many adults who are not training their children in the proper ways to be upright citizens today. They allow them to access unhealthy videos and pictures online, doing rude and vulgar things and using foul language. The parents think that is cool. But, I tell you this is in no way cool. I think it has something to do with the children being born and not having a good role model to look up to. I believe in order to help someone else you must first be able to help yourself. So, It starts in the home by raising your children to have respect and integrity. This causes children to grow up and have their minds shaped and formed to to do great things in the world. If the children can be transformed to the person that God created them to be, the entire world can be transformed. They become our future leaders, inventors, and visionaries, etc.

6. Do you have any role model?

I would say that Maya Angelou is my role model. I am inspired by her wisdom and poetic expression. I could never forget when she said if you have but one smile in you give it to the ones you love. Also, If you don’t like something change it, if you can’t change it,then change your attitude.

7. In three words describe your family?
Hmm, describe my family in three words, I would say Faithful, Truthful, and Courageous.

8. Divorce is an evil wind that is tearing marriages apart today, what advice do you have for singles and married that can help them enjoy blissful and successful matrimony?

My advice would be to never allow your love to be with material things because they can easily be gone. There are too many people who get married based on what someone can do for them. Make sure you are financially stable an able to carry your own weight before you join in unity with another person. Don’t look for them to carry the load. A marriage is 100/100 each person doing all they can to manage the family, finances, and the household. There is no room for selfishness in a marriage because all it does is destroy the union. Be grounded in your connection to God because he is the ultimate inspiration that will nourish the marriage through your prayers.

9. What goal do you have that you believe when it comes alive will impact lives positively?

I have a goal to write more books and inspire children positively. I believe when it comes alive people will be impacted to change for the better by choosing to live healthier, happier lives. By empowering the children, the crimes in our world can be decreased. By reading my uplifting books and inspirational stories, people will decide to make a difference in the world by helping in their communities with awareness and poverty.

10. What is your view about Africa?

I do know right now 2014 there is a crisis in Nigeria, Africa that needs to be resolved. A terrorist group called Boko Haram is terrorizing the country and killing many innocent lives. I do know that Africa is a land of many valuable resources. If the politicians in Africa would help the people by creating more jobs, the businesses would be more productive and the economy would be better in Africa. It seems that people in high places and positions are not doing everything in their power to help Africa.

11. We are living in an ever-changing world where people encounter different kinds of challenges daily, what words of encouragement do you have for your fans and the general public?

Yes, People have many different kinds of challenges everyday. I have written some information about achieving your goals in life and I will share it here. If you have that burning desire to accomplish a goal, go for it! There is nothing in your way except your thoughts. When you believe that you are capable of achieving success, it happens. Sometimes you are ready and sometimes you must take small steps. Either way, you are bound to reach your destination. The road may seem rocky at first, but it will eventually become smooth. Take the route that you feel most comfortable. Use the resources that you have and don’t let pride convince you to stay there in one place. Seek guidance along the way. Many people will doubt you and some may tell you that it’s not a good decision. Stick with your gut feelings because you know exactly what you want to do. There is no one in this world who could know better than you. It takes time to develop a skill that is worthwhile. Don’t be discouraged if at first you do not succeed. Pick yourself up and try again, and again.

What Atlanta Snowstorm 2014 Risk Is Lurking to Blindside You?

You and I will have things go bump in the night. For someone from Boston, how big a deal can a projected 2 inches of snow be?

Well in Atlanta that was a 17 hour trip in the Atlanta blizzard of 2014, even though I left early when I learned about the snow.

What I did not know was that:

(1) the building manager where my car was parked would pre-emptively lock the normal exit gate and force us to go down five levels and out a slick 45 degree icy hillside on a side street with no traffic light access. Their decision to unilaterally limit their exposure for someone sliding on snow on their top deck became an unrecoverable event of a very long trip. And it looks like I was only 5 minutes late on getting out before they locked exits (leave your thoughts on that decision for a customer orientation discussion).

(2) The Atlanta mayor decided to send everyone home at the same time, flooding the highways with a million people, rather than spreading out dismissals.

(3) Atlanta people do not fill their gas tanks on weekends in snow season, in case, it really snows. That lead to hundreds of cars stalled in traffic UNTIL they run out of gas in the middle of the road to further clog roads.

Using hindsight, I should have either (1) left the luncheon earlier, (2) gotten a hotel nearby to wait out what was then a one inch snow, or (3) been lucky enough to have decided not to go to the meeting.

Having lived in New England for a decade, I knew how to drive in snow and ice, consistently refill my gas tank on the weekend, and had a loving spouse call me saying that it actually snowed this time.

Where in your life or business should you (1) have some version of a contingency plan in place for WHEN, not IF something really strange yet foreseeable occurs, (2) proactively create a list of the top 3 foreseeable and reasonably likely to occur situations to avoid, and (3) have some financial or emotional reserves in place for your WHEN, not IF event?

Some organizations call this process contingency planning, a risk assessment, risk management, operational risk management, enterprise risk management, or even a strategic orientation of your annual budget process. The fact is that if your organization does not regularly engage in at least one of those business best practices, your version of the Atlanta snowstorm 2014 is lurking to blind-side you and your business.

Failing to plan for any of your Million Dollar Blind Spots that actually are very foreseeable for someone to second guess your decision that might have been made on what you thought were the best facts available. And truthfully if you done minimal contingency planning on your unique foreseeable risks, you would have generated a better frame of reference and insight.