Serious Self-Fulfillment – How to Intelligently Empower Yourself Towards a Wonderful Life!

Ask anyone what they truly want out of life, and most will say happiness. It may come masked in the form of things such as more money, more time, less stress, etc. But what they’re all really saying is “I just want to be happier” – or more accurately – “I just want to achieve self-fulfillment”.

Self-fulfillment is directly responsible for our ability to achieve true, sustained long-term happiness and joy in our daily lives. It’s the overarching and guiding principle present in our reasoning for taking on certain tasks. We do things because we sense we will benefit from them in some way, shape, or form – or else we wouldn’t even bother.

At some point in our lives we will feel inspired and motivated to go after something we consider big, worthy, or challenging. Even if this isn’t something immediately attainable through a traditional college education or apprenticeship, it will still exist in our imagination and mind’s eye as a possibility amongst a set of other less-impressive options.

That imaginative calling is your intuition displaying to you what represents the core-essence of your true passion. It is then up to you – and you only – to figure out exciting and creative solutions for bringing that core-essence of passion into the real world so you can experience it.

If you can manage to do this, you will achieve serious self-fulfillment. I don’t mean temporary fulfillment like reaching your goal weight or dropping a bad habit or two. I mean SERIOUS self-fulfillment. The kind that fills every waking hour with a sense of higher purpose, calling, service, and an abundance of blissful feelings. Many people strive for this in their lifetime, but very view effectively achieve it, because very few actually understand how to intelligently approach it.

What Self-Fulfillment is NOT

Most people will attempt to shoehorn the concept around doing unfulfilling work for people they’d rather not be helping, or living in habitual cycles of what I like to call “assume, consume, resume”. Doing things for the sake of doing things, getting a reward (typically a paycheck) which is then most often used to anesthetize one to their real roadblocks, all while resuming business as usual.

This is highly unfulfilling and unsustainable in the long run. It’s no wonder why so many people turn to things like alcohol, drug experimentation, and excessive habitual escapist behavior such as gambling and even stealing.

Notice how regardless of the path you choose to take in life, your mind, body, and spirit are going to seek fulfillment through one endeavor or another. It’s like the law, only swap out lawyer with fulfillment: “If you can’t provide fulfillment on some level, fulfillment will be provided for you”. It’s going to be sought out one way or another. You’re probably engaging in a variety of escapist behaviors right now that you’re not even aware of.

However, there is a much more intelligent approach to living, and it revolves around becoming progressively more conscious of your true desires.

You deliberately choose which behaviors to engage in, thereby enabling yourself to move towards things which for you personally represent true, genuine, authentic fulfillment.

You become self-fulfilling.

It’s Not You v.s. The World: It’s You v.s. You

The important thing to understand is that absolutely NOTHING is stopping you from choosing more proactive and fulfilling actions and behaviors other than your self-limiting beliefs about your own capabilities.

You’re never not choosing. When you avoid making choices which initially appear overwhelming and challenging, you’re choosing. Avoiding difficult choices is to choose the lesser challenging option of the two.

The true challenge isn’t in taking the actions necessary to secure your goals and ideals, but learning how to intelligently navigate the illusory web of self-limitation you place upon yourself.

This is partially due to the conditioning you’ve been hammered over the head with since you could even begin formulating your own thoughts.

You’ve observed parents, relatives, friends, teachers, etc all doing the same things and getting the same types of results. Logically, you will assume that since everyone else is doing these things, that this is the correct way to live life. You never thought to question these things or to see if there’s possibly another way of solving problems like generating income for yourself, or actualizing your highest goals and aspirations.

From Timidness to Self-Actualization

When you can muster up enough courage to begin saying “This isn’t what I want, and I’m okay with that. I may not yet know exactly what I do want, but I know this isn’t what I want”, you move into a place of honest acceptance. This is an infinitely more powerful position to be in than denial. Acceptance is the starting point from which all true progress can be made, because now you’re finally dealing with all the game pieces at your disposal.

How can you play and master the game if you refuse to acknowledge all of the game pieces?

Dwelling in denial is like tying your hands behind your back and trying to do everything with your feet. Courage is the gateway to all personal progress. Once you can accept where you are, you immediately empower yourself to begin choosing more congruent choices. One of the greatest benefits of acceptance is the heightened awareness that you’re indeed choosing, and that you’ve always been choosing. To rise to acceptance is to raise your consciousness.

Once you reach this point, you’re in a very good position to begin self-actualizing your goals and ambitions, because you’ll have a very realistic and rational grip on what you’re working with. You’re finally grounded. If you can begin applying this same process of self-empowerment towards taking the actions required to secure goals, it’s virtually a done deal that you’ll succeed.

It’s then only a matter of time before you achieve personal success, because you’ll allow yourself to simply keep taking the actions required until you get there. You’re no longer tying your own shoelaces together via unnecessary fear, worry, and doubt. You finally get out of your own way.

Real Life Begins

Then – and only then – can real life begin. Suddenly, you’ll see that most people you interact with are living very timidly. They’re afraid to come out of their shells and express who they truly are. They live in fear of consequence, rather than valuing the empowering growth lessons awarded to anyone and everyone with enough courage to embrace living and choosing more consciously. They refuse to grow due to fear of failure and rejection, so ironically – that remains their present reality.

Suddenly your world becomes an ecstatic explosion of synchronistic opportunity. It’s as if the universe has aligned and gotten all the unnecessary fluff out of the way so that you can prioritize growing. It’s like you’re now part of a VIP club, because you’ve passed the initiation test. This happens by consciously moving towards activities, projects, and endeavors which genuinely resonate with your highest excitements and passions.

This doesn’t even need to be expressed as a career in the traditional sense, although your ability to generate an abundance of income and support yourself via things which genuinely inspire and excite you is amongst the highest forms of self-fulfillment. This website and all of the information products found here are one such example of incredible self-fulfillment for me. It’s my passion to write, talk, and share this information with others. I can’t see myself doing anything else in terms of career.

Finally Achieving True Happiness

One of the best overall side-effects of achieving self-fulfillment is the pervasive and more or less permanent sense of happiness and bliss. You’ll finally obtain those feelings you’ve been foolishly chasing through things like excessive socialization and escapist behavior. In general we know that those things aren’t what we really want, but we do them anyway because we don’t yet truly understand that there are better options and choices. That path is self-fulfillment for fools, and many get stuck there for life.

Another thing that becomes apparent is that you no longer view things as habits, but rather choices. You become more conscious as a result of accepting your path and striving towards it, and thus you raise your consciousness as a result. You can see and understand more than you could before. I like to use the example of standing on a mountain top and being able to see the entire forest, versus merely being down in the forest and locked onto one of the paths weaving through it. It’s like your mental bandwidth increases.

My life has improved immensely in all dimensions since I passed that point of self-acceptance. I’m no longer wasting time contemplating higher ideals for myself – I’m now putting them into action. When things don’t work, I keep moving, testing, and learning. This website is perhaps the epitome of example of this process. It will change and grow right alongside me.

Your personal self-fulfillment may not involve creating a website and writing posts and books, but I assure you it IS within you right now. All you need to do is begin asking yourself the honest questions required to unleash your true power. I’m here to help you reach that point for yourself, so you can begin experiencing life as it was truly meant to be lived.

Deep down, you know this is what you truly want. It’s time to stop hiding behind excuses such as a lack of resources, time, or whatever else you can come up with as a reason to deny yourself expression of the fullness of your being. The only way you’re ever going to achieve permanent, long-term, all-pervasive happiness is to begin accepting where you are and embracing the path before you.

Copyright 2014 Jason Demakis. All Rights Reserved.

Hotel Management Job Outlook and Earning Potential

The employment of hotel management staff is expected to grow just as fast as the average managerial position for all sectors through 2014. More opportunities are predicted to be available because many experienced managers will be leaving the industry to pursue other interests or through retirement. The better and higher education that is obtained, the more plentiful the opportunities will be.

Full-service hotels that cater to business travelers and tourist will have more positions to offer in the coming years. Also the amount of economy level and extended stay establishments is expected to grow to be there for leisure travelers and bargain hunters. There are a growing number of levels of accommodations being offered in today’s hotel industry. From the economy level that offers the basics with out all the frills to the luxury hotels that offer a multitude of additional perks and special accommodations.

The hotel industry is predicted to keep up with the consolidation as bigger chains buy out smaller establishments or contract to take over the operations. The growing number of extended stay establishments will effect the growth of management positions because these hotels generally have fewer departments and therefore need fewer managers. Additionally these hotels do not need managers to be there 24 hours a day. This leaves many of the day to day operations to fall on the shoulders of desk clerks and other lower level staff. This allows you to get an entry level position that will give you some experience for furthering your career that you may not have received before.

Managers will be in more demand at suite hotels because business guests are willing to pay out more for rooms that include kitchens and space to conduct meetings. Additionally bigger full-service hotels, that have restaurants, fitness rooms, big meeting areas and accommodations to entertain children, will keep providing a multitude of training and managerial opportunities.

The management job opportunities that are going to be available will require a minimum of a 2 year degree in hospitality or hotel management. A 4 year degree though will give you a competitive edge of others seeking managerial career positions. It will give you additional skills and training needed to beat out the competition. Education coupled with hands on experience is sure to shoot you to the top of the list of potential employers. Higher end resorts and hotels are predicted to offer many additional opportunities for those holding degrees in hotel or hospitality management.

The median yearly salary for hotel managers in 2002 was $34,000. Although salaries in hotel management can differ depending on the size of the establishment they manage and what they are responsible for. Obviously larger hotels are going to be able to pay bigger salaries but there will also be more expected from you as a manager. The more you make the more responsibility you will have. How much education and experience you obtain will have a great effect on your salary.

Why Business-Owners Should Consider Taking Up An Online Quickbooks Pro 2014 Training Course

All business-owners and managers have to keep up with the latest trends in business and marketing, and even with technology. This can be a really difficult task for many people; it can very be hard to keep abreast with all the developments, changes and updated versions in technology and software that are used for or relevant to the business. Failing to keep up with the pace of technology is not exactly an option, especially when you are running and managing your own business.

Many business owners and entrepreneurs today utilize a great accounting software, such as QuickBooks Pro, to help them manage the payroll, customers, inventory and sales and monitor company expenses.

If you are a novice and looking into using this software, it would be a good idea for you to sign up and undergo a QuickBooks Pro 2014 training course so that you will be able to understand and master all of its helpful features. Signing up for or taking an online training service will help you achieve this without using too much of your time that otherwise can be spent on running or managing your business.

The best available online courses will be able to provide you a QuickBooks Pro 2014 tutorial, no matter what digital device you want to use, whether you are mobile or not and even at any time of the day. For instance, you could be stuck in traffic on your way to a business meeting and to spend this time productively, you can have a ten-minute tutorial on working with vendors by downloading the needed relevant video to your smartphone or tablet.

Learning about and mastering QuickBooks Pro 2014 will also be much easier to do when the tutorial is in video format because then you can go back to parts that need repeating and very important to take note of and remember. Also, you get to see how each feature may be set-up and you can try out the steps for yourself while the video tutorial continues.

Lastly, when selecting an online source for your training, make sure that it is recommended by leading industries and that it has gained a good reputation of delivering online courses successfully. Considering an online training source that offers free trials before you sign up for membership is also worth thinking about so that you can get an idea about how a course would be presented and be certain that the videos and instructions are easy to understand and follow.

The Rise of Digital Asset Management

When I first heard the term digital asset management I assumed it was just another financial term for some type of media stocks or bonds. In actual fact, Digital Asset Management or DAM is pitched to be one of the top media software products of the future.

Digital Asset Management’s suggested growth over the next 5 years is estimated at over 300% which is triple the current value. The business research & consulting firm Frost & Sullivan are forecasting that “the market is set to grow at a very healthy double digit growth rate through the forecast period, 2007 to 2013”. According to Frost & Sullivan; “Around 70 major vendors are now seeing the need to digitize their media assets”.

DAM solutions are becoming as streamlined into a website development as content management systems and search marketing. The reason for its success is that most big corporate websites hold a lot of rich digital media including images, audio and video content and this can make storage and retrieval of these assets difficult. For all of this content to be hosted, easily retrievable, distributed and exported it needs to be stored in a central location, properly filed, archived, optimised and available in a range of different downloadable formats.

Another reason for the success of DAM is that a lot of files, specifically video files can be so huge that even FTP access across public services is undesirable, DAM makes this possible by employing a delivery service, with access to single assets from multiple locations, thus reducing the time and cost of producing the content and maximising the return on investment.

What types of DAM systems are there?

The types of DAM are dependent on their facilitation with the business; brand asset management for example is focused largely on marketing and deals with marketing collateral such as product imagery, fonts and logos. Production asset management is commonly used in the organisation and storage of frequently changing digital media assets, whereas digital supply chain services purely focuses on the pushing of digital content out to retailers i.e. Music and games store. Library management is probably the most widely used type with a focus on the storage and retrieval amounts of mostly archived video and photo media.

If we take a closer look at DAM, the tools that it utilises start to make the system more of a tangible product. The types of uses for the system in business is for Multimedia press kits and marketing materials, corporate presentations, VOD, rich media libraries of; video, fonts and images and other marketing collateral. The types of files this includes are; images, logos, audio, animation, CAD, video and HTML.

So what’s in store for the future?

According to industry analyst Zippy Aima “There is the recent proliferation of digital media content, especially video, and the rise of portable devices for viewing it. We can add the widespread availability of broadband data services to distribute it, and the need for systems that can store and deliver that content to the right people at the right time.”

With media creation so accessible via broadband and likely to grow vastly over the next decade, images from our everyday devices such as cameras, phones and scanners will continue to flood onto the web, billions of assets (files) all hitting social networks, websites and blogs at a furious pace, and all with a thousand different destinations and target audiences. DAM will soon be the only technology capable of dealing with the demand and with the worth of digital media content management set to rise; from $203 million to an anticipated $558.6 million by 2014 this looks set to continue.