Washington, Technology, Training Influence 2014 Hiring Trends

Recent survey results from CareerBuilder point to continuing caution on the part of American business to commit to hiring in the near future. Even those companies that do plan to seek new employees in 2014 will do so less aggressively than previously. Small business, in particular, will be moving slowly to sign new employees, with not even 20 percent of less than 50 in the workforce planning to increase their numbers this year.

Among larger businesses, the projected growth rate is similar. Only 24 percent of firms plan to add full-time, permanent employees, down a full two percentage points from last year.

Continuing uncertainty in Washington is cited as a big reason for the caution, but there are other factors as well — some of them unexpected. Growth of new technology is a boon to business in many ways, but it may also be considered a means of replacing human skills. Efficiencies generated by mobile technology and internet marketing, as well as advances in communication, customer service and online ordering may contribute to lowered staffing requirements, according to analysts.

The double-edged sword of technology, while it makes recruiting and managing easier though such software as efficient applicant tracking systems, also has eliminated the need for some human resources positions. American business won’t be chucking new technology anytime soon, however, so job growth must be considered in terms of the economy’s health and the ability of companies to realize increased profits.

The way Washington deals with debt issues early in the year is sure to have an effect on business expansion and job growth. As issues are resolved, CareerBuilder CEO Matt Ferguson thinks the potential exists for new hiring at a pace greater than 2013. But business has adopted a wait-and-see posture.

Sales and IT positions are at the top of the want list for those firms planning on hiring in the new year. Marketing and business development, administrative posts, and customer service specialties are also cited as potentially needed positions.

Not surprisingly, a trend toward hiring more part-time employees is likely to continue due to the Affordable Care Act. Twelve percent of employers mentioned it as a reason for cutting back on hours, or for hiring more part-timers. A positive trend for American workers, however, is the return of some previously off-shore jobs, and that also is expected to continue.

Finally, about half of the human resources managers surveyed report a skills gap; they say that some positions go unfilled for three months or longer due to a dearth of qualified applicants. Today companies, 46 percent of them, are willing to train new hires; and a quarter of them will send employees back to school to earn advanced degrees, and pick up at least part of the cost.

Best Funds to Make Money Investing in 2014-2015

Diversified stock mutual funds may be the best funds if you want to make money investing in 2014 and 2015, but keep an eye open as 2014 unfolds in case corporate profits disappoint. In that event, the best funds could be some that most investors aren’t even aware of.

For the 5 years leading up to 2014, the best way for the average investor to make money investing was to simply buy diversified stock mutual funds and hold on. If you did this you could have earned 150%. These were the best funds for primarily two simple reasons. Corporate profits were growing, and the stock market had previously suffered losses of over 50% due to the financial crisis and the recession it created. Stocks looked cheap.

Corporate sales did not grow by leaps and bounds; and the economy was lackluster with totally unacceptable levels of unemployment, which still linger. Record low interest rates stimulated corporate profits and made stocks look attractive. That’s why the best funds for average investors were the ever-popular diversified stock variety. In 2014 and beyond it might not be so easy to make money investing.

Above all else, stock prices are based on investor expectations of growing corporate profits (net earning per share), and earnings growth could be disappointing in 2014 and beyond. What this means to you is that the stock party could be coming to an end, and you may want to broaden your horizons in your search for the best funds. Uncle Sam is no longer aggressively lowering interest rates to stimulate the economy, and the bull market in stocks is getting long in the tooth (old). So, how do you make money investing and what are the best funds if things turn sour?

The best funds could be those that represent a bet that the stock market will fall. I know that the average investor is unaware of the fact that you can bet on the upside or you can just as easily bet on the downside. Some folks even think that to bet against stocks is illegal or just plain un-American. Not so. It’s a free country and we have free markets. It’s nothing new either. People got rich taking “short” positions during the Great Depression of the 1930s by betting that stock prices would fall… in order to make money investing on the downside. Investors in the know have been doing it ever since.

Today it’s easier than ever to make money investing is this way. You simply buy an ETF (exchange traded fund) that moves in the opposite direction vs. the stock market: an “inverse fund”. They trade as stocks, so you’ll need a brokerage account (like with a discount broker) to buy and/or sell them. Some of them come with financial leverage of 2 or 3 to 1. These are the simplest way to make money and are the best funds when the stock market is falling.

How do you find them? You can simply enter “inverse ETF” into a search engine. Or, on a day when the stock market is taking a big hit search for the biggest gainers in the ETF arena. Your discount broker’s website should make your research simple, since ETFs are extremely popular with investors. How do they work and how do you make money investing in them? Here’s an example.

Let’s say that the stock market as measured by the S&P 500 Index declines by 30% in 2014 or 2015. The ETF with stock symbol SDS is designed to go UP by 60%. Instead of losing money, you make money with financial leverage of 2 to 1.

These may or may not be the best funds for you, but I think you should know your options. Most years the market is up, and for the past five years it’s been on a roll. If or when economic forecasts and corporate earnings expectations weaken in 2014, the market trend could change. If you are an average investor, your goal should be to make money investing OVER THE LONG TERM. This has become increasingly difficult since the year 2000, as stock investors have twice taken huge losses in the stock market since then.

If you want to be proactive, you now know the best funds to jump on when (or before) the tide turns. Investors simply do not make money investing in diversified stock mutual funds in a falling market, even if they are in the best funds in that category. They lose money. Can you imagine actually making money vs. losing it in a declining stock market?

The stock market could continue to rise in 2014 and 2015. On the hand, keep yours eyes open. Every few years the market gets into trouble, and the best funds if you want to make money investing in bad times are those that swim against the tide.

Psychic Insights and Prosperity Horoscopes for 2014

Psychic Impressions of 2014

Life is going to get wild, folks. The surf is UP, it’s action time- apathy is scarce and life seems more acute in this fast moving, fast-changing, transitional year. It’s time to ride the waves and accept all the interesting things that can happen. Many, many things can happen to a person in just one year. 2014 feels to be a surprise, possibly mind-blowing… very real and revealing and renewing. Many take the plunge and truly leave the past behind. People free themselves left and right. Good news for people wondering “if they will ever change”: we are much more willing to follow our intuition and spiritual guidance than in past years.

2014 has a rollicking, reckless rhythm that goes to extremes… it’s an exciting time to be a teenager! I’ll bet they have their fair share of adventures they don’t tell anybody about, and get less sleep than usual.

Showing Up Matters: A year of personal triumph and arriving somewhere new. Within themselves, people are ready and willing to act, to revolt, to revolutionize their self-image, wardrobe, country, religion, and take on daunting challenges. It’s a more pointed year of personal re-invention, transformation of work styles, and even the metamorphosis of society’s institutions. The biggest changes come this year, and the greatest exhilaration. Peoples’ sense of purpose is renewed.

Love, relationships, and partnerships are much more of a focus this year than last. People’s need for comfort and intimacy becomes more important.. They get together for a wider range of reasons, finding the answer in partnerships of various kinds. Collaborations can be very successful this year. People will look back and be glad about the love that has come into their life… it’s a good year to get involved and care about others, and be enriched. Emotional healing is in the air.

The U.S.: Reasons to be optimistic are: President Obama has a surprisingly great year so he must be getting more done. Perhaps he is effective in some new way about “income inequality”. It looks like the stock market does well in some commodities and new kinds of industry/technology. Echoing this year’s phenomenon in people, where they get a clear view of their low and high points, the worst and the best of their life, disenfranchised poor Americans might be going through the same thing-seeing how bad it can get, and then seeing new opportunities made. There may be many more solutions forthcoming… there is something about this year (maybe it takes both 2014 and 2015) that is like turning a corner.

The Speaking Stones: The Speaking Stones are a divination system I use with individual clients, in circles to create a group divination, and also for messages about the year or month. There are eight stones, and I used only six for 2014 because two stones “didn’t’ belong” in the design, and a stone excluding itself gives its own message:

The stones left out of the 2014 design suggest that it will not be a grounded, stable time, but another transitional year of major earth changes, fierce uprisings in society, continued abuse of Mother Nature, and crazy weather.

The 2014 design puts a spotlight on “unexpected developments” that have a big impact. It suggests we witness rapid change. Something could temporarily throw our money situation up in the air. A really big problem could surface. If a person’s world or some important aspect of their life is based on something false, it could be coming apart at the seams in 2014. Instability gets revealed. Although ultimately the stock market might do well, the drama and change in this design suggests there will be volatility and panic.

Astrological Triggers in 2014

All of January: Venus retrograde in Capricorn promotes us to make various upgrades, i.e. we introduce better-serving systems into our lives, more efficient procedures; we create better web presences, and nicer wardrobes. People in estranged relationships might reunite for emotional as well as practical reasons.

Jupiter in Cancer moves into Leo July 16th: When Jupiter is in Cancer, people tend to go on an inner journey concerned with personal growth and preparation, often for some new offering or venture. When it moves into Leo, they are more outgoing, presenting something to the world, and on stage in some new way. This astrological framework is helpful so you’re not concerned if you are inward-focused the first half of the year, it’s natural.

Grand Cross of Spring 2014: really intense!! The cavalcade of change-invoking circumstances in 2013 continues-only with greater intensity. Life highlights a choice: Are you choosing to shrink your world, or learn and expand? The Spring energy is unusually pressurized, so don’t worry if you’re not feeling on an even keel, few are! All that matters is you keep adjusting back to a centered place.

On an individual level, a Grand Cross of four squared planets in April intensifies and highlights the polarities within us. If we are able to use its energy because we want to help ourselves or someone else, we can have strong, strong energy to get something done that’s difficult. Being “on your own side” allows you to move forward with this energy.

This time will deepen our need for inner peace. It makes us search for what we stand for and value. We seek to exist on ever more truthful levels that keep life manageable. Innovations in our personal life will entail cleaning out and clearing out, especially the first half of the year.

Positive Response to Pressure: The Year of the Mighty Collaborators: Heroes come out when crises emerge! With courage and candor, collectives of Concerned Citizens for Planet Earth begin to operate full-throttle. We’ll hear of innovative solutions and how we can benefit from streamlined processes. According to a Mayan shaman I heard recently, there’s hope in that we have a new 25 year cycle to look forward to, in which we can make up for having blown it so far as planetary stewards, by trying much harder from now on. Or else.

Personal Guidance: It’s easy to get out of balance in excessive 2014. The best time to establish personal health routines is right now in the beginning of the year: make a ceremony out of personal stability with the twenty minutes of exercise you do in the morning, or make time for exercise classes if that’s what works; diet and health routines deliver the balm of well-being and you’ll want them in place by Spring.

We could see our personal bottom and our personal top, and you could reach both in the same year. This is no time to judge yourself: performance in different areas of life varies. Of all years, individuals benefit from increased self-understanding and self-acceptance. Remember Edison: something like 10,000 failures before he succeeded to make a light bulb. In the long run all that counts is showing up.

Individual messages for the Astrological signs: OK, here comes the awful part: I have lost all the messages, maybe. The digital recorder I used just flashes “error” and nothing online helps me figure this out. Although this manufacturer still has real-people customer service, and maybe the file can be recovered. Meanwhile, I have a set of 2014 prosperity and “how to succeed” messages already posted on my blog and the Examiner; they will have to fill in until February’s newsletter, when I’ll write individual messages for the astrological signs.

For all signs: Success and projects in 2014 take effort and grit.

Banish hate! If it isn’t in your repertoire of emotional responses to yourself or anyone else, you will avoid connecting with a lot of weird energy batting around the planet this year; don’t align with the weird side of 2014 because it’s a mile wide.

How to Succeed in 2014 for the Fire, Water, Air and Earth Signs

Aries, Leo, Sagittarius, Fire signs: This year is about getting your fire re-ignited. Now you feel free to do what brings you prosperity. It’s going to be hard if you must know what’s going to be successful; never mind how things look now. Do what you find most compelling, it leads to success.

Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces, Water signs: The route to prosperity begins with having to clear things out of their lives, then knowing what it is they’re willing to put energy into, and being willing to start at the beginning of something. Recognize you have the tools, the strength, and the inner resources to begin in this freer place

Gemini, Libra, Aquarius, Air signs: You have better connections and backing or support this year, yet you’re keenly aware it’s still up to you and your work, and how you follow through, to make a success out of your better prospects. But you have a very good running start with plans that have already started before the year begins.

Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn, Earth signs: This is a year where you may not see revenue from your new ideas, but you can get invaluable feedback. Don’t overextend yourself investing in what’s new: you’re more in the dreaming-up and experience-gathering phase.

Project Management Jobs for Felons – How To Get Hired in Project Management

Project Management may be a career to consider. Employment opportunities for felons are hard to find, especially if you want a high-paying job. The only real way to find the best employment for felons is to select the right career path. One of the most promising industries right now is Information Technology.

The IT industry is projected to have rapid growth for the next ten years which means that there are many employment opportunities for felons in this industry. Since many IT companies use project teams and project-based methods, Project Coordinator is a good career choice.

The project coordinator professional’s responsibilities include planning, organizing, monitoring and controlling a project to bring it to its successful completion. Project managers are responsible for the project deadline and budget. Their work normally includes managing a team of people.

Despite the economic slowdown and competition from offshore outsourcing companies, the IT industry is still currently one of the biggest and fastest-growing industries in the US today. Overall employment of IT managers is projected to grow from 18 to 26 percent through the year 2014. This includes project coordinator employment opportunities for felons.

Project coordinator professionals generally have a bachelor’s degree. Entry-level employment opportunities for felons who have graduated with a degree in Project Management include project team member, project scheduler, project coordinator and project resource coordinator. All of these types of employment for felons pay well and are stable jobs.

Apart from having the right bachelor’s degree, project administrator professionals also need to be resourceful and able to handle stress. Since he or she will be managing a team, excellent team development skills are needed along with the ability to resolve conflicts quickly. In addition, a Project Management professional must also have superior problem solving and strategic planning skills.

Of course, it almost goes without saying that a project administrator must also be able to understand and utilize the latest software and technology to be effective. IT Project Management, in particular, needs people who are willing to continue learning new ideas and concepts. People who have all of these qualities will be able to get the best project coordinator employment opportunities for felons.

Employment Opportunities for Felons: Project Coordinator Degree Programs

If you want to pursue a career in Project Management, the first step is to choose the right degree course. It is best to check first if the degree program has been approved by the Project Management Institute (PMI), the leading organization for project coordinator professionals.

These days both on-campus and online courses are popular. Core subjects include project administration theory and techniques.

After graduation and at least 3 year of project administrator experience, the PMI offers internationally recognized certifications for Project Management professionals. Certification requires a combination of education, experience and getting passing marks in a comprehensive exam.

Project Management is a good career path for people who have leadership and problem-solving skills. These employment opportunities for felons pay well but both education and experience is needed to get international certification as Project Management professional.

7 Marketing Trends for 2014

Marketing campaigns and information dissemination are continuing to evolve from print media to online trends. And similar, there continues to be a shift from offline communication technologies to inbound ones. Businesses are finding more and more success with content and original publishing channels online than with advertisements within content. Additional tactics include magnifying brand recognition and taking advantage of audience growth. Details follow.

2014 Trends

1. Content marketing is a huge industry. Companies advertise and gain consumer trust by creating valuable content through different channels. This takes into consideration industry information that gives greater insight and entertainment to audiences. A company can build rapport with its demographic market and create a loyal following. Using content marketing in social media on websites, blogs, as comments, in emails plus videos and more often provides opportunities for company and high brand recognition.

2. Social media networks will continue be huge in 2014. New social media (sm) sites are popping up all the time and if a company is not listed on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter or other popular sm network, their audience will more than likely dwindle. Thus using social media in 2014 to build audiences across different platforms is wise. Diversify and watch your marketing efforts skyrocket.

3. Content must be easily and quickly recognizable. When looking at social media sites or any other content use images. Successful blog posts that receive the most audience participation have well-placed pictures to break up content and emphasize products and services. Use infographics that combine images with a bit of text to explain a topic or give statistical information.

4. Simple is better; less is more. This is the trend of 2014. Simplistic marketing messages and recognizable logos are the key to online marketing. Don’t burn out your audience by constantly barraging them with advertisements and content that is irrelevant, boring or non-productive. Consumers today want to look at what you have in about ten seconds and move on to something else.

5. The growing use of smartphones requires that you have apps and online marketing adaptable to smartphone and tablet use. By 2017, it is predicted that 87% of cellular phone use will be via smartphones. Provide a marketing experience that can be easily used through smartphones.

6. Redirected and targeted ads will be a huge online marketing trend in 2014. Retargeting works by using browser cookies to track websites that are user friendly. Once you leave a certain site, the product you saw on that site will be shown to you on another site. In other words, follow your costumers around to all his/her sites

7. SEO (search engine optimization) will continue to be used in online marketing and play a very important role in search ranking in 2014. Providing users with the best and most relevant content is what makes Google run. Share good, targeted content, and the higher ranked a website will be. Also keep in mind that top ranking search results often connect to social shares.

In summary, top marketing trends for 2014 include using social media sites. Learn how to post, evaluate likes and gain more customers. Provide apps for smartphones. Use your company’s logo and keep it simple. Make your content relevant and interesting. And keep things on the up-an-up, and marketing your product with insight. You will gain trust and your brand will be recognized.